Tuesday, 28 June 2011

"Aunty Rohini"

She was the author, lead character & editor of the cookbook that changed my life.

For my 9th birthday, I was gifted Rohini Singh's "Fun-Cooking for Children" which had me baking my first cake ever. I was supervised by my cousin Maneesha, who ensured that I didn't burn my hand or send eggs flying all over the kitchen!

With her fun recipes like Pretty Pink Jelly and Yummy Chocolate Treats (and third-person references to herself as Aunty Rohini), she made cooking a delight and literally, a cake-walk, for me. She encouraged, warned, worried, exclaimed and chastised all at the same time. It makes me sad that when I tried to locate the book cover on Amazon today, for my very first post on this blog, I could find no book cover/illustration, no picture of her and absolutely no reviews on the book.

I will definitely dig out some of her fun-ner recipes and post them verbatim, just so you know what I mean!

In the years since then, I've slowly but surely discovered my love for good food - sweet and savoury, Indian and Foreign. Cooking and entertaining is what makes my day, and my love for it was definitely the bait that ensnared my husband!!

Tonight, a home-made (from scratch) Pizza is on the menu and will be my first Recipe post...

I'm pretty excited!

Here's to new beginnings, a delicious adventure, "Aunty Rohini" and my beloved Pakhi Masi, who gifted me my FIRST cookbook ever!

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