Sunday, 24 July 2011

Lemon & Orange Cake with Marmalade Topping

So this post is just an addendum to another! I made my Mom's birthday cake on a Monday, between getting home from work and showing up at Mom's for dinner. And the blog was only a week old by then. So I'm posting this as an afterthought. I promise to make it again and document it PROPERLY for the blog. But in the meanwhile, this is for those who can variate with not-so-detailed instructions!!

In the meanwhile, here's a small clip from her cake cutting, just to show you. I muted the incessant chatter because it was just TOO random!

Refer to Adit's birthday cake recipe post and then note the variations. The variations are only in some of the ingredients, but the method is exactly the same.
1. Instead of 3/4 cup cocoa, add the same quantity of flour, i.e. the dry/wet ingredient ratio of the cake must always be maintained. If you are taking away 3/4 cup of dry ingredient (cocoa), it needs to be substituted by 3/4 cup flour.

2. Instead of vanilla essenced, use 2-3 drops of orange essence, if handy. But not necessary.

3. Zest (finely grate the yellow peel without the white pith inside of) 4 lemons. Add this zest along with the wet ingredients (egg, butter, milk).

4. Juice those zested lemons and reserve for the topping.

5. Instead of 1 cup of boiling water/ brewed coffee, use 1/2 cup (Tropicana) Orange juice and 1/2 cup water. Boil them together and follow the original instructions.

Bake as instructed in the recipe. Cool and remove from pans.

For the topping, put the following in a microwave safe bowl:
4 tbsp orange marmalade
Juice of the four lemons

Warm this in the microwave for 30 secs. Stir and pop back in for 30 secs. The mix should be soft and slightly runny, but not watery.

Mix well and pour evenly over the top of the cake. Slice & Serve!!

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