Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Meatball Sandwich

Since we’re still on survival food, I got a couple of things ready so AK could assemble his own lunch on his work-from-home day!! Obviously, there was no need to use the stove in this recipe! Not like her could have, even if he wanted to!

But before I get into the details, I have to share that the gas and stove situation has been resolved. After lunch today. Just as well. I’m not feeling too inspired to think of another no-stove meal for tonight. :(

Anyway, back to lunch, I made arrangements for Meatball Sandwiches that required no intensive cooking, just assembling. I would have assembled it myself but it would end up being a big soggy mess by the time he was ready for lunch. This looks kinda yummy & I wish I had taken this for lunch too...

Here’s what I did:

Meatballs: I dug out the leftover frozen meatballs (recipe here) from last week. Defrosted them and dunked them in this sauce (leftover from the Potato & Salami Loaf). Microwaved the concoction in a lidded dish for 2 mins on High. Meatballs are no fun unless they have a sauce to soak into. Makes them all moist and juicy!This is what I got

Put together some coleslaw: Finely chopped up a quarter of a cabbage. (Wish I had a purple one too! I love the colour combo!) In my measuring cup, I mixed 1/8 cup each of mayonnaise and milk. Added in ½ tsp of red chilly powder, 1 tsp mustard powder, 2 finely chopped green chillies. Please vary the chilly according to your threshold. Next, a little salt and (freshly ground) black pepper to taste. I dunked in the cabbage and gave it a good mix. This is what I got...

It’s slightly more “runny” than typical restaurant slaw but I prefer it that way. It mixes nicely with the meatball sauce and soaks into the bread in a yummy messy way!

Next, I sliced a small onion into rings. Then I ordered in a packet of burger buns from the local grocer. Placed everything in the fridge and left AK these instructions on the kitchen white-board (this photo sucks cos I took it from my phone!!)

 This is what he did... (and documented for me, even though the poor thing only had lunch at 4 pm and was STARVED by then!)

Halved the buns and placed cheese slices on them.

Toasted them in the oven for 5 mins (150 C with both coils on – top & bottom)

Placed the meatballs on the cheese and added on some of the sauce. This adds to the juicy-ness of the sandwich.

Piled on the slaw.

And the onions (even though there isn’t a pic to prove it!). Closed it up and ATE it :)

Yummy yummy BOY food! I could almost hear him slurrrrrrrrrp when I was at work!!

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